Question: What are the lightest scooter bars?

Titanium Scooter Bars are the lightest handlebars available on the market today. They’re made up from Titanium as opposed to the standard Chromoly or lighter alternative Aluminium.

What is the lightest metal for scooters?

Aluminium. Aluminium is the lightest of the three metals, but with a density of 2.7 to 2.8 g / cm3, it is also the least stable. The big advantage of aluminium is that it is very easy to work with, and it is also very cheap to build moulds to shape it.

What are the lightest steel scooter bars?

When designing the Tenacity bars, the boys at Ethic wanted to create one of the lightest steel T-bars on the market, while keeping it strong and reliable. They ended up with this, the all-new Tenacity bar.

What is the lightest scooter fork?

The Merrow Fork has been forged out of 7075 T4/T6 Aluminium alloy which is the strongest existing aluminium alloy out there! The use of this strong material has allowed Ethic to create a extremely light fork that is still very strong. The Fork itself weighs in at 228g, making in the lightest scooter fork on earth!

How light are titanium scooter bars?

Say hello to The Vault Titanium T-Bars weighing in at only 1.9 lbs!

What are the lightest scooter decks?

Our Sacrifice Flyte deck remains the lightest deck in the world, perfect for pros and beginners alike!

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What is the lightest scooter clamp?

The Apex SCS V3 is by far the lightest SCS compression clamp on the market with its feathery 8.6 ounces!