Why do I keep breaking bike chains?

Chains break for a host of reasons, but most common is wear. For example, if a chain has been ridden for 2500 miles, it will actually stretch out. Correspondingly, a ridden chain will be longer from link to link than a new chain. Because the chain is stretched, the metal fatigues is more susceptible to failure.

How often do bicycle chains break?

Most mechanics agree that you should replace your chain about every 2,000 to 3,000 miles, depending on your riding style. Many Tour De France riders wear out two or even three chains on their primary bike over the course of the three-week race.

Is it bad to break bike chain?

Breaking a chain can ruin your day. Your crotch clonks onto the top tube and your foot hits the ground. My only broken chains have come on the mountain bike, and only during front shifting under load, which can pry a chain plate off of its pin.

How much does it cost to get a bike chain replaced?

Most shops charge $15 to $20 to install a chain or you can purchase a chain tool for $10 to $50 and learn to do it yourself.

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What happens when a chain breaks?

Often a property chain breaks halfway down the line or very close to the planned exchange date. Consequently, the property must now be put back on the market, a new buyer needs to be found and the legal process needs to start from scratch with the hope that this time around all will proceed smoothly.

Does breaking a chain make it weaker?

Depends on the chain. If it’s a chain with cylindrical pins (most singlespeed and some narrow chains) then the damage will be negligible. Even if you always use the same pin you should be fine the first 10 or so times.

How long should a 12 speed chain last?

There are many variables that affect how long a chain will last. It could last several months, or it could last much longer. A typical mountain bike chain will last 750 miles of single track riding. It’s not easy to gauge exactly how long a chain will last, but there are ways to prolong the life of the chain.

How long do bicycle chains last?

Bike chains aren’t everlasting, and you can prevent this type of situation by replacing the chain when it gets too worn. So, how long do bike chains last? In general, a good chain will last 2,000 to 3,000 miles or 3 to 4 years. Chains on mountain bikes and electric bikes will get worn out faster.

Are 12 speed chains weaker?

No reason why a 12 speed chain should be weaker than an 11 speed one. the plate thickness is the same and that is where the tension is taken. The 12 speed chain has slightly narrower pins and rollers, which actually makes them a bit stiffer/stronger.

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How strong do you need to be to break a chain?

Bicycle chain plates are typically made of steel. Steel has very high tensile strength. For chain tension to permanently deform a chain link plate (permanently stretch but not break), the tensile force would likely have to be at least 200 lbf per plate.

How much force is on a bike chain?

171 W at 76 rpm equates to a torque of 21.48 Nm, which gives us an average force of 126,4 N or 12.9kg, or 28 lbs for our metrically challenged readers. This is very much a “typical fitness cyclist” power and force production, although for someone unfit this would be challenging to maintain for a longer time.

How do I know if my chain is worn out?

Another ballpark method for checking chain wear is by measuring it with a ruler. Pick a rivet and line it up at the zero mark. Count 24 more rivets and your last rivet should be at the 12″ mark of your ruler. If it is off by more than 1/16″ your chain is stretched to the point of replacement.

Do all chains have master links?

Not all bikes have these links. They are most likely to be found on BMX bikes, single speed bikes or three-speed town bikes with internal gears. The more sprockets a bicycle has on its rear cassette, the narrower the chain must be and therefore the less room there is for this extra-wide master link.