What is the warranty on Specialized bikes?

How long does Specialized warranty last?

Global Warranty Policy

Coverage for Registered Products Coverage if Not Registered

How long is a bike warranty?

What is Covered? You’ll often see a statement on a bike such as “10 year warranty”. This means that the frame and fork are covered for 10 years against manufacturer defects.

How do I register my Specialized bike warranty?

How do I register my bike? Click the link for the registration form. You will need to login to your Specialized.com account or create one to register your bike with us. Follow the directions as prompted.

Are specialized bikes reliable?

Short answer: Yes, Specialized is a good brand that you can trust, the quality of the products is high and you can definitely buy Specialized bikes without regrets. Because when you buy a Specialized bike, you’re doing more than investing money in a metal frame with rubber tires. You’re also investing in a brand.

Is the Specialized warranty transferable?

To give Specialized riders added peace of mind, the American brand has chosen to extend the motor warranty of the affected models from 2 to 4 years from the date of purchase. The guarantee is transferable, so there shouldn’t be any problem when selling the bike or buying second hand.

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How long is rockshox warranty?

Except as otherwise set forth herein, SRAM warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years after original purchase.

How does a bike warranty work?

Essentially, a warranty is a guarantee. Whoever manufactured your bike promises, or guarantees, that if something breaks they’ll either repair or replace it. … Usually, cyclists are offered the option to purchase a warranty when they buy a new bike from a shop or retailer.

Do bicycles have warranty?

The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty should be made through the dealer where the bicycle was purchased. The warranty is valid only if the bicycle is sold by an authorized dealer in a ready-to-ride condition.

Is a bike chain covered under warranty?

Commonly you’ll find parts such as chains, cassettes, brake pads and tyres subject to wear and tear more than other parts. Your warranty will be also be void if the bike is modified or altered in a way that affects the geometry of the bike and/or puts unnecessary stress on the bike.

How do I check my specialized serial number?

For bikes, the serial number is located on a sticker on the underside of your toptube and/or downtube as well as on the underside of your bike, underneath the bottom bracket.

How do you read specialized serial numbers?

Specialized serial numbers typically start with the prefix “WSBC,” “WUD,” “STT,” or “STE.” If you don’t know where the bottom bracket shell of the bike is, simply turn the bike upside-down and the bottom bracket is the part of the frame that the cranks run through.

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How long do Specialized bikes last?

The bikes are built to last a lifetime, but the batteries typically run out of power after four and six years, said Chris Yu, chief product officer at Specialized.

Is Trek better than Specialized?

Trek has a wider variety of bikes to choose from compared to Specialized. At entry-level, you get slightly better parts when you go with Specialized. Both offer competing high-end bikes with slight variations in geometry. Both brands offer a wide range of mountain bikes like hardtails, full suspension, hybrids, etc.

Why are specialized bikes so expensive?

So, why are specialized bikes so expensive? because the manufacturer spends a lot of money on research and innovation and picks quality components. Moreover, these bikes are produced in low volumes, and the customers are more demanding due to the brand’s name and impressive warranties.