What documents should I carry in my bike?

What documents should I carry while riding a bike?

Mandatory Documents to carry While Riding a Bike

  • Rider’s Driving License.
  • Registration Certificate of the Bike.
  • Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy.
  • Fitness certificate of bike.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC)

What are the documents to be carried while driving?

What documents should a driver carry while driving?

  • Registration Certificate (RC) …
  • Driving Licence. …
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) …
  • Fitness Certificate (for older vehicles) …
  • Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

What is C book for bike?

The RC book or the Registration Card is an official document issued by the Government of India, which certifies your bike to be legally registered with the RTO (Regional Transport Office). It looks just like a smart card and has the following details about your bike/two wheeler: Registration date and number.

Can I drive my father’s bike in India?

There is no restriction as such for driving a vehicle registered in another person’s name as long as the registration papers of the vehicle and your licence are current. No police officer can fine you for just driving a vehicle belonging to another person on that ground only.

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Do I need PUC for new bike?

The PUC certificate must be obtained when a new vehicle is purchased. The validity of this will be 1 year. And on the expiry, you will have to take the vehicle for the test. A new certificate will be issued to you which will be valid for 6 months.

What is bike fitness certificate?

A certificate of fitness for vehicles is a government issued document that officiates that the vehicle is fit to be driven on the roads in terms of the vehicle’s overall health. As per the law, it is mandatory to have a fitness certificate for commercial vehicles as well as private vehicles.

What is a vehicle paperwork?

Registration certificate (RC)

When an individual purchases a vehicle, they must compulsorily register the car. The document obtained on the registration of the vehicle is known as the RC certificate. A driver can apply for the registration certificate at the Regional Transport Certificate (RTO).

Is it necessary to carry original documents while driving?

After the government’s decision, there will be no need to carry driving licences (DL) and registration certificates (RC) while driving across the country, including Delhi-NCR (Delhi-NCR). Drivers can now show documents digitally placed in Digilocker or m-Parivahan mobile app to traffic police and transport department.

What are the documents required for a bike in Bangalore?

Documents Required for Bike Ownership Transfer

  • Registration Certificate (RC) book. Registration Certificate serves as a proof of bike’s registration and is thus an essential document. …
  • Pollution under Control (PuC) certificate. …
  • Sales Receipt. …
  • Transfer deed. …
  • Bike Insurance Certificate. …
  • Road tax certificate.
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How can I get RC?

How to get a Vehicle RC?

  1. Visit the nearest RTO office with your vehicle.
  2. Once you reach the RTO office, the vehicle will be inspected by the inspecting authority.
  3. Fill in the application form 20 for the RC.
  4. The authority will take the imprint of the chassis number.
  5. Submit all the essential documents as needed.

What is Fullform of RC?

A Registration Certificate copy or RC is a document that proves your vehicle is registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities. Nowadays, you can avail your Registration Certificate copy in the form of a Smart card.

How can I get RC details?

STEP 1: Visit the Vahan Jankari application. STEP 2: Navigate to the “Registration Jankari” section. STEP 3: Enter the Registration Number when prompted. STEP 4: You will then be presented with the RC details of the vehicle as well as the owner details if you have entered accurate details.