How much is an Electra bike?

How much does an Electra bike cost?

On average, Electra bikes cost around $500, but you can get some more basic models for as little as $300. Electra’s e-bikes cost as little as $1,500, but some more advanced models cost as much as $4,500.

How much is an Electra Townie bike?

The e-bike is priced at $1,499 and goes on sale today. The Townie line features what Electra refers to as “Flat Foot Technology.” That’s fancy talk for the Townie’s pedal-forward geometry.

Is Electra A good e-bike?

Yes, Electra is a pretty good bike brand. Its parent company is Trek Bikes, which is one of the biggest bicycle companies in the world for a good reason. When it comes to e-bikes, Electra mostly makes entry-level and mid-range models with quality Bosch electronics, aluminum frames, and Shimano mechanical components.

Is Electra a brand?

Electra offers a wide range of modern cruiser bicycles. Additionally Electra designed and sells comfort bicycles, and hybrid bicycles.

Electra Bicycle Company.

Type Private
Industry Bicycles
Founded 1993
Headquarters Encinitas, California , United States
Products Bicycle and related components
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Where are Electra bicycles made?

Along with many other prominent bike brands, Electra bikes are manufactured at factories in Taiwan.

What is a cruiser bike good for?

Cruiser bikes are ideal for both city riding and some light trail excursions. … We also recommend them for low-speed, low-impact rides on both dirt paths and paved bike lanes. Since they have tough tires, they’re also good for riders who know there are a few potholes on their route.

What kind of bike is Electra Townie?

Electra Townie Original / EQ is the simplest and the most popular model. This is a classic cruiser bike with 26″ wheels, made to coast around the city, have fun with friends, or get from point A to point B fuss-free. You can get it in a wide variety of colors.

What is the difference between a Townie and a cruiser?

The Townie is Cruise-ee bike, similar to a beach cruiser but with a little more function. Designed with Electra’s patented Flatfoot Technology, The Townie has an even more forward pedaling position than the Electra Cruisers. … Tires on the Townie are not as fat as the cruisers, but do still provide a comfort-stable ride.

What is a Townie bicycle?

Townie® was born from an idea that challenged the sacred geometry of bike design and created a completely different riding experience. … Or, for a slightly more aggressive ride, the Townie Path includes larger 27.5” tires to help you roll faster and tackle terrain with better traction and control.

Do Electra Ebikes have a throttle?

These bikes let you use a twist throttle to engage the drive system. When the bike is in this mode you don’t have to be pedalling to be powered by the electric motor.

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How fast do Electra bikes go?

This Product

This Product Electra Townie Go! 7D Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0
Number of pedal assist settings 3 5
Top speed throttle N/A 20
Top speed pedal-assist 20 28
Measured Distance Range 24.43 miles 20.67 miles

Does Electra Townie have a throttle?

The Townie doesn’t have a throttle-only option.

Is Electra a trek?

Electra bikes | Trek Bikes.

Who is Electra made by?

These days it seems that the Electra brand is owned and operated by Vestel as they inherited it when they bought Servis after it collapsed. So now when you buy any Electra product, it is just another Vestel machine with the brand name slapped on it.

How much does an Electra Cruiser bike weigh?

I tested the “Classic” model which has an internal Shimano Nexus 3-speed, steel frame, alloy rims and a coaster brake. Retail is $550 and the bike weighs 39 lbs. [The “Sport” version is lighter (30 lbs) and comes with an aluminum frame but without some accessories.]