How much does an Electra Townie bike weigh?

Weight: 48 pounds. Frame material: 6061-T6 aluminum. Battery warranty: 500 charge cycles or 2 years. Ideal rider height: 5-foot-3 to 6-foot-4.

How much does a Townie go weight?

This Product

This Product Electra Townie Go! 7D Aventon Level Step-Thru
Distance Range (claimed) Up to 50 miles 40 miles average
Frame material Aluminum 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Maximum rider weight (lbs) 300 lbs 250 lbs total (up to 55 lbs on rear rack)
Measured Weight (w/o pedals, Medium) 50 lbs 60.6 lbs

Are Electra bikes worth the money?

Are Electra bikes (any) good? Yes, Electra Bikes is a reliable brand that makes high-quality bicycles recognized around the world. They’re packed with Bosch and Shimano parts, on frames that are thoughtfully designed and look really good.

What is the difference between Electra Townie and cruiser?

The Townie is Cruise-ee bike, similar to a beach cruiser but with a little more function. Designed with Electra’s patented Flatfoot Technology, The Townie has an even more forward pedaling position than the Electra Cruisers. … Tires on the Townie are not as fat as the cruisers, but do still provide a comfort-stable ride.

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How much is an Electra Townie bike?

The e-bike is priced at $1,499 and goes on sale today. The Townie line features what Electra refers to as “Flat Foot Technology.” That’s fancy talk for the Townie’s pedal-forward geometry.

What is the best Townie bike?

Electra Townie D 7D Step-Through Women’s Bike

The Electra Townie is the best selling bike in the United States. And there’s a reason. What is this? The Townie has the look of a traditional cruiser bike but has added features like a 7 gear drivetrain, rim brakes, and an ergonomic saddle.

Does the Electra Townie have a throttle?

The Townie doesn’t have a throttle-only option.

How much does an Electra Cruiser bike weigh?

I tested the “Classic” model which has an internal Shimano Nexus 3-speed, steel frame, alloy rims and a coaster brake. Retail is $550 and the bike weighs 39 lbs. [The “Sport” version is lighter (30 lbs) and comes with an aluminum frame but without some accessories.]

How much does an Electra Townie 7D weight?

Townie 7D comes with a lightweight aluminum frame and a strong steel fork. Its weight is around 28 lbs, which is pretty low for a cruiser of this size. Talking about size, due to its geometry, this bicycle is around one foot longer than a standard city bike.

Where are Electra Townie bikes made?

Along with many other prominent bike brands, Electra bikes are manufactured at factories in Taiwan.

What type of bike is an Electra Townie?

Electra Townie is a line of cruiser bikes that includes six models in total — three traditional and three electric. All of them are available with either step-over or step-through frames and some of them come in several different builds.

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What size bike do I need for my height?

Fitness And Hybrid Bike Size Chart

Rider Height Suggested Frame Size
Feet and Inches Centimeters Inches
5′ 5″ – 5′ 9″ 165 – 175 17 – 18
5′ 9″ – 6′ 0″ 175 – 183 19 – 20
6′ 0″ – 6′ 3″ 183 – 191 21 – 22

Why are Townie bikes good?

It’s a good foot longer than a standard town bike and bulky with it. The idea of the Townie is to get an upright position with an efficient pedalling stroke, whilst still being able to put your feet flat on the floor when you’re at a standstill.

What are townie bikes?

Townie® was born from an idea that challenged the sacred geometry of bike design and created a completely different riding experience. … Or, for a slightly more aggressive ride, the Townie Path includes larger 27.5” tires to help you roll faster and tackle terrain with better traction and control.

Are Electra bikes made by Trek?

Electra Bicycle Company, a subsidiary of Trek Bicycle Company since 2014, was founded in Leucadia, California, in 1993, by Benno Bänziger and Jeano Erforth. Electra offers a wide range of modern cruiser bicycles. Additionally Electra designed and sells comfort bicycles, and hybrid bicycles.