How do I maintain my mountain bike forks?

Should you oil bike forks?

For the external seals to repel dirt effectively, and for the internal bushes to remain frictionless, they must both remain well lubricated. Many modern forks contain only 5 or 10ml of oil for lubrication; but this is all it needs to keep the system running smooth.

How often should mountain bike forks be serviced?

Some forks require servicing every 20 hours. *EVERY 30 HOURS OF RIDING: Your fork should be disassembled, inspected, cleaned and re-grease. If the fork appears to be relatively clean, you can go 40 hours between servicing. If the fork appears excessively dirty you should service it every 20 hours.

Can you use WD40 on bike forks?

Use of Bike cleaner is fine here but DO NOT JETWASH directly into seals and make sure to thoroughly rinse the cleaning agent off. Our favourite lubricant for refreshing fork seals is WPL ForkBoost. Whatever you use, it should preferably not be an aerosol. Please don’t use WD40, GT85 or any similar products!

Can you use WD40 on bike suspension?

Yes you can use WD 40 on your chain…. The big problem is getting the WD 40 on the rubber seals in the rear wheel bearings, suspension bearings, and the BB bearings. The WD 40 can really clean up a chain…it is too light to stick around long enough to act as a good lubricant…

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How do I know if my forks need oil?

Some indicators for basic bath oil/seal service = leaking around seals, excessive oily dirt goo build up on top of seals that reappears on every ride, visible wear on stanchions(by that time it’s too late).

How much does it cost to service a MTB fork?

For full service on the fork, about $100; this includes a basic inspection, an oil replacement, foam ring and dust wiper replacement (as necessary), seal and air spring inspection, damper rebuilding or replacement, and cleaning other parts.