How do I increase my bike suspension?

Dial off all your rebound damping to minimum. Ride off the kerb, while standing up on the pedals, at slow to mid-paced speed. Your suspension will probably compress, quickly re-extend (past the sag point), compress again and then re-extend again. In other words, it will bounce around like a trampoline and then settle.

Can you upgrade bike suspension?

Upgrading the suspension on your mountain bike is one of the best things you can do to breathe new life into your bike. Whether it is a fork or shock, you will be amazed at the technology these days in suspension, and how that can translate to ride quality out on the trail.

When should I upgrade my suspension?

5 Signs Your 4WD Needs a Suspension Upgrade


Can I put bigger forks on my bike?

In general, bikes will happily accept forks that are up to 20mm larger than their designers intended. Feel free to go beyond that if you must, but be prepared for a bike that the manufacturer didn’t really intend to create. That doesn’t mean it will suck, but it’s just something to be aware of.

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Can you put a 27.5 fork on 26 bike?

Installing a 27-inch Fork On a 26-Inch Bike

The requirements for the installation are: The headtube and the fork steerer should be compatible. Currently, most bikes have a 1 1/8″ straight steerer or 1 1/8″ tapered steerer getting wider near the fork’s crown.

Why is my front suspension stiff?

Preload is HOW STIFF is the suspension, and it’s related to how much force must be applied to compress it. More preload means you need more force (apply more weight) to compress the fork by a given distance or travel. … If you feel that it takes too much force to compress your fork, it means you have too much preload.

How do I make my mountain bike suspension softer?

If you need a harder or softer spring, buy a new coil spring. That’s it. Using a spring that’s too soft (ie. too low a air pressure) will result in suspension that wallows about too deep into its travel and bottoms out too easily.

How do you preload shocks?

Preload is a measurement of how much a spring is compressed at full extension of the shock. Thread the upper spring adjuster down until it just touches the spring, you are now at 0″ of preload. Every inch you thread it down from there is 1″ of preload. With a 1.0 Motion Ratio that also lifts the vehicle 1″.

How do you raise shocks?

7 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Shock Setting

  1. Set bump and rebound full soft.
  2. Do an out and in lap.
  3. Add bump in two click increments until the “feel” of steering improves, doing an out and in lap with each adjustment.
  4. Now add rebound in two sweep (or click) increments until car “feel” (driver confidence) improves.
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