How do I add cycling to my Garmin?

Can Garmin track biking?

Best all-round cycling smartwatch

The 945 is the top of the Garmin Forerunner range. It has a huge array of features so that you can track pretty much any sport.

How do I record my bike ride?

Here are our top 5 picks:

  1. Strava.
  2. Zwift.
  3. Map My Ride GPS Cycling & Route Tracker.
  4. Google Maps.
  5. Cyclemeter GPS.

What app tracks your bike ride?

1. Best app for tracking your activity – Strava. Regardless of your ability, Strava is an excellent cycling tracker. Using this free app, you can easily keep track of your performance by comparing key statistics such as your distance and pace, which makes it a great tool to follow your progress and set goals.

What is the best app for cycle routes?

Our selection of the best cycling apps for iPhone and Android

  • Strava. Strava barely needs an introduction, such is its popularity. …
  • Citymapper. …
  • Ride With GPS. …
  • Zwift. …
  • Komoot. …
  • Cyclemaps. …
  • Cyclist App. …
  • My Fitness Pal.

What’s the best cycling app?

The best cycling apps in 2021

  • Strava.
  • MapMyRide.
  • Bikemap.
  • Google Maps.
  • Komoot.
  • Ride with GPS.
  • Wahoo Fitness.
  • TrainingPeaks.
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How do I add an activity to my Garmin watch?

You can select additional activities to display on the device.

  1. From the Garmin Connect™ app, select or .
  2. Select Garmin Devices.
  3. Select your device.
  4. Select Activity Options > Displayed Activities > Edit.
  5. Select the activities to display on your device.
  6. Select Done.

How do I add sports to my Garmin watch?

Creating a Custom Activity Profile

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles > Add New.
  2. Select a sport.
  3. Select an accent color.
  4. Select a profile name or enter a custom name. Duplicate profile names include a number. …
  5. Select an option: …
  6. If necessary, select an option: …
  7. Select an option:

How do you use the bike app?


  1. Download the MYBYK app in your smartphone.
  2. Register and locate the nearest hub.
  3. Add money to the wallet, subscribe a weekly or monthly plan.
  4. Unlock MYBYK at the hub and take the bike home with you!

Are there any free indoor cycling apps?

Top 10 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps for 2019

  • Zwift is the most popular indoor cycling app for cyclists. …
  • Rouvy is probably the most underrated cycling app out there. …
  • FulGaz offers a big library of High Definition routes. …
  • TrainerRoad offers a huge library of power based cycling workouts and triathlon plans.

What can I use instead of strava?

The best alternative is RunKeeper, which is free. Other great apps like Strava are Google Fit (Free), Adidas Running by Runtastic (Freemium), GPXSee (Free, Open Source) and Runalyze (Free).