How can I get a lost RC bike book?

What if you lose your bike RC?

File a police complaint. The cops will issue you a challan that states you have lost your RC card. Make an application for a duplicate RC book copy in the prescribed form – Form 26. … Attach all the documents along with the filled-up Form-26 and submit it to the RTO officer for verification.

How do I download RC online?

How can I download RC book online?

  1. Under the tab ‘Issued Documents’, select Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  2. You will be redirected to a new screen, where you need to select ‘Registration of Vehicles’
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your Registration number and your Chassis number.

How can I get RC?

How to get a Vehicle RC?

  1. Visit the nearest RTO office with your vehicle.
  2. Once you reach the RTO office, the vehicle will be inspected by the inspecting authority.
  3. Fill in the application form 20 for the RC.
  4. The authority will take the imprint of the chassis number.
  5. Submit all the essential documents as needed.

Can I sell bike without RC?

You can’t sell your car legally if you do not have RC of the vehicle. Have you lost your RC? If you have lost your RC then you need to file an FIR in your nearest police station. Attach a copy of this FIR and submit it to Regional Transport Office (RTO) with the duly filled form 26.

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How can I find duplicate RC?

Visit the RTO office where the vehicle was originally registered. Get the RC-extract. An RC-Extract is the vehicle owner’s information about the registered vehicle and driving license as well. Fill in the application form for duplicate RC.

How can I download RC?

You can download the RC book online from DigiLocker website by logging in with your Aadhar number and entering your vehicle registration details.

How can I download original RC?

You can download your RC book online by following the steps below:

  1. Step 1- Go to the Government DigiLocker website. …
  2. Step 2- Go to “Issued Documents” Tab on the Home Screen. …
  3. Step 3- You will be shown a list of Gov Departments. …
  4. Step 4- In the next screen, click on the option “Registration of Vehicles”

How do I find my RC number?

Visit the CAC’s website. Scroll down the site and click on “Public Search” Insert the RC Number of the company you wish to search (if known) or the full name of the company in the search box and click on “Search” If the company is registered, the result will display the full company name, RC number, and office address.

How can I get my lost RC in Delhi?

Required Document For Duplicate RC in Delhi

  1. Application in Form 26.
  2. Police certificate.
  3. Pollution under control certificate.
  4. Valid insurance certificate.
  5. Proof of address.
  6. Challan clearance from traffic police & Enforcement wing Transport Department in commercial vehicles.

Is duplicate RC valid?

It is the responsibility of the seller to get a duplicate RC issued from the RTO and give it to you. This is because the bike is still registered under their name. You cannot do so on their behalf as per the rules.

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