Frequent question: How do I know if my dirt bike handlebars are bent?

Take the bars off of the bike and set them on a LEVEL, hard surface. Shine a flashlight under the center of the bar(depending on the location of the bend). If more light shows in one area than another, they are bent.

Can you bend dirt bike handlebars?

Loosen the two bolts from underneath and wiggle the bars. Its pretty tough to bend the bars themselves, but if you did, you are not going to bend them back. Get a new set.

Can you ride a motorcycle with bent handlebars?

If the handlebars are only slightly bent, you could bend them back with some kind of leverage. If they are significantly bent, I would replace them. These are a major part for controlling the bike and if they are compromised, so will be your safety. Handlebars are not expensive or difficult to replace.

How can I tell if my motorcycle frame is bent?

Checking frame alignment with a straight edge

  1. Align the straight edge with the rear wheel (touching the sides of the tyre), protruding to the front of the bike.
  2. Straighten the front wheel so it’s parallel to the straight-edge.
  3. Measure the gaps between the front wheel and the straight edge.
  4. Do the same on the other side.
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How do I know if my triple clamp is bent?

Bent triples can be found by removing the front axel. If it’s hard to line up (the front axel) and the forks aren’t bent, you triples need to be straightened or replaced.

How can you tell if a bar is bent?

Check for obvious signs of bending such as cracked paint or metal. If these are present, the bars are definitely bent. The bars should be symmetrical, so you’ll want to get an angle finder. You can place it on each bend of the handlebar and compare the angle with the same bend on the opposite side.

How do you know if your bike needs an alignment?

How To Check Front and Rear Motorcycle Wheel Alignment

  1. Gather Necessary Items And Place Your Bike On A Stand. …
  2. Wrap The Rope Around The Front Tire. …
  3. Pull The String Taut. …
  4. Align The Front Wheel. …
  5. Check The Alignment Of The Rear Wheel. …
  6. Measure The Gap At The Rear Wheel. …
  7. Determine Which Side Needs Adjusting.

What diameter are dirt bike handlebars?

As you will find out, dirt bike handlebars come in two different sizes, 7/8” or 1-1/8”.

How wide should dirt bike handlebars be?

For any dirt bike 125cc and above the standard handlebar width is approximately 800mm, if a set of bars has the word Mini in the title, it has been designed to fit 65cc, 85cc, 100cc and 150cc 4 strokes (mini race bikes). These have an overall bar width of around 775mm.

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