Can you overtake a cyclist on a continuous white line?

So if you come across a cyclist labouring up a long, steep hill, you can overtake, as long as you’re careful and it’s safe to do so.

Can you cross a continuous white line to overtake a cyclist?

“You may cross the line if necessary, provided the road is clear, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph or less.” … Road users aren’t permitted to cross double white lines under any other circumstances.

Can you overtake a cyclist on double solid white lines?

Double white lines where the line nearest to you is broken.

This means you may cross the lines to overtake if it is safe, provided you can complete the manoeuvre before reaching a solid white line on your side.

What white lines can you overtake on?

You are only allowed to overtake on double white lines to pass a stationary vehicle, or one travelling at 10 mph or less, according to the Highway Code. Drivers can also legally cross the lines to turn into a property or side road as long as it’s safe.

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Is it illegal to overtake a cyclist?

Unsure what the rules are? The Highway Code states that when overtaking a cyclist, drivers should give, ‘as much room as you would give a car’. It doesn’t specify a minimum distance that drivers must leave between the cyclist and their car, which is a source of confusion for many.

When can you stop in a yellow box?

You can stop in a yellow box junction when turning right if you are prevented from turning by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right.

Do you have to stop at a solid white line?

Yield lines, also known as “shark’s teeth,” consist of a line of solid white triangles across a lane of traffic pointing towards approaching vehicles. This line indicates the point where the vehicle must yield/stop.

How much space do you need to overtaking a cyclist?

Motorists should leave at least 1.5m of space between their vehicle and the cyclist when overtaking at speeds less than 30mph. This should be greater in poor weather or when the car is travelling at speed.

Can you get fined for overtaking?

A road safety charity has warned motorists that reckless overtaking can lead to a fine and points on your driving licence. The RAC, reports: Dangerous overtaking could lead to penalty points and an unlimited fine, drivers are being reminded.

Is it illegal to overtake at a junction?

Do not overtake where you might come into conflict with other road users. For example: approaching or at a road junction on either side of the road. … when a road user is indicating right, even if you believe the signal should have been cancelled – do not take a risk; wait for the signal to be cancelled.

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How should you overtake a pedal cyclist?

Overtake only on the right unless you are passing a vehicle waiting or slowing to turn right, or there are marked lanes in which case you can overtake on the left if it’s safe.

Can you overtake on hatched white lines?

Hatched markings:

If the marking is bordered by a solid white line then you are not permitted to enter it unless it is an emergency. If, however, it is bordered by a broken white line then you can enter it to overtake if you have to, but it is generally understood that you shouldn’t use it.