Can I put a longer rear shock on my mountain bike?

The longer the rear shock, the more oil will be available to absorb the shock better. In this scenario, it does make sense to buy a longer rear shock. There will be more oil and space to absorb a lot of the movement of the bike while riding.

Can I put longer shocks on my bike?

If you leave the forks stock and just add longer shocks, it will lessen your fork rake, making the steering quicker but less stable at higher speeds. It will slightly alter your center of gravity and put more weight on the front tire as well, which means less wheelies and, again, quicker steering.

Can I put longer travel suspension on my mountain bike?

In general, bikes will happily accept forks that are up to 20mm larger than their designers intended. Feel free to go beyond that if you must, but be prepared for a bike that the manufacturer didn’t really intend to create. That doesn’t mean it will suck, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Can you upgrade rear suspension mountain bike?

Upgrading the suspension on your mountain bike is one of the best things you can do to breathe new life into your bike. Whether it is a fork or rear shock, you will be amazed at the technology these days in suspension, and how having a quality product gives you the confidence to shred harder than ever before.

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Can I put a shorter rear shock on my mountain bike?

Registered. Shock of the same length but less stroke won’t alter the geometry, it’ll only alter the travel.

Can I put a 160mm fork on a 150mm bike?

A 160mm will probably slacken the bike a bit and make for a more stable DH experience at the expensive of climbing ability. Running up to 180mm on a bike designed around 150mm will probably be too much, and make the overall handling poor and undesirable.

Is 150mm travel too much?

150mm is absolute overkill for every trail in the lower peninsula. Get a downcountry bike instead if you want to go the full suspension route. Or a rowdy hardtail.

Can you put 150mm forks on a 120mm bike?

If you are one who likes to test things and push boundaries and if the frame was no longer of any value to you using a 120mm fork, you could give the 150mm a go and see what happens. But just be ready for the worst to possibly happen. It is possible, nothing will prevent you from doing so.

Can you add back suspension to a bike?

Certainly it can be done. Rather silly from a financial standpoint, however, since a new bike would almost certainly be cheaper. For the fork see:… Adding a suspension fork, even if all clears, could change the geometry and handling.

How do you measure the stroke length of a rear shock?

Stroke length refers to the total distance the shock can compress. You can measure the stroke length by subtracting the eye to eye length when the shock is fully compressed, from the eye to eye length when the shock is fully extended – you should get relatively close to the shock’s stroke length.

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What size is my MTB shock?

Measuring eye to eye length

Simply measure from the centre of each shock eyelet to find the overall length of your shock.