Best answer: Is 100mm travel enough on a 29er hardtail?

A 100mm full suspension 29er is going to be able to shred anything you can throw at it for a long time. That’s a good amount of travel to start with, and on a 29er it’s going to feel like even more while staying efficient. The epic has a really well balanced geometry as well.

Is 100mm travel enough for trails?

When to choose a short-travel MTB

Sprinting up climbs is easier on my 100mm XC bike. … They excel at climbing and pedaling long distances, and usually feel more agile than longer-travel bikes. If you race cross-country, do long adventure rides, or stick to mellower trails, these are the best option.

How much travel should a hardtail have?

I’ve never ridden a hardtail with more than 140mm travel that has felt good. 100-130mm is the sweet spot IMO. Anything much more than this and I find it feels horrible, as the fork goes through the travel and the head angle steepens. This may help.

Is a 100 mm fork good?

100mm is somwhat standard… 85 is usually for racing/general XC use. 130-140 is pretty much general All-Mountain (little bit of trail riding/some downhill/jumping) Most people will be fine in the 85-100mm range.

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Can you jump with a 100mm fork?

Fork design: forks can be designed to jump (as some very tough Marzocchi Dirt Jump forks with 100mm of travel) or to eat up bumps with ‘on-ground’, XC use (for example, Rock Shox SID and Reba forks, with which wouldn’t be a good idea to go around jumping everything).

Is 100mm travel enough for downhill?

yes, it’s plenty. pro-Dh’ers need/use 200mm-ish. mere mortals will be riding stuff that’s half as gnarly*, half as fast*. that’ll be 100mm being plenty for us then.

Do I need more than 100mm travel?

If you ride relatively non technical trails, or ride with people who are slow and clumsy, 100mm is more than ample. If you ride steep technical/rough trails and want to keep up with the fast boys then no, it’s not.

Is 120mm travel enough hardtail?

Honesty, a 120mm fork is enough travel for most Trail riders. Longer travel doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Can I put a 140mm fork on a 100mm bike?

There is no good reason to slap 140mm fork on a frame that is designed for 100. It will no ride better and it may break, like many other already noted.

Is 150mm travel too much?

150mm is absolute overkill for every trail in the lower peninsula. Get a downcountry bike instead if you want to go the full suspension route. Or a rowdy hardtail.

What does 100mm of travel mean on a mountain bike?

Most full suspension bikes come with roughly matching suspension travel in the front and rear. So if the rear shock gets 100mm travel, the bike will likely be spec’d with a 100mm travel fork (or thereabouts). 80mm – 100mm Travel: “Cross Country” Bikes.

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Why do 29ers have less travel?

Largely because of their lower attack angle, 29ers roll over trail obstacles easier than 27.5-inch wheels. This translates to a slightly smoother ride and a bit less effort to keep the bike going. … In the end, they can often be too much bike for many shorter riders (under 5’2” or so).

Can you jump on a hardtail?

Yes, hardtail mountain bikes can handle jumps and drops whenever you are out on a trail. … Specifically speaking, hardtail mountain bikes may lack a rear suspension but these bikes come with a frame that’s very sturdy and is much sturdier than most other mountain bikes.

Are XC bikes good for trails?

Cross-country bikes, or XC bikes for short, are generally ridden on forrest paths, smooth roads, singletrack (bike-width trail through the woods), and paved roads. XC riders generally prefer twisty trails and hills instead of the more mountainous paths that trail bikes generally go on.

How capable are XC bikes?

XC bikes have less suspension travel than trail bikes and enduro bikes, so won’t be as adept on very steep, rough and technical trails. That being said, in the right hands – for example, a professional rider – a cross-country bike is surprisingly capable.

Can you hit jumps on XC bike?

The short answer is that you can probably do up to 2 foot jumps along the trails and be fine on a good quality xc bike. … If the jump is too big on downhill, just go around it or slow down a little so the bike lives to ride another day. If it’s a big drop, just take a path around it and enjoy the rest of the course.

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