Your question: What are the speed ratings on motorcycle tires?

What does speed rating H mean on a motorcycle tire?

The H speed index means the tire is rated at a maximum of 130 mph.

What does 71 h mean on motorcycle tire?

A typical load rating chart shows 47 or 386 lbs all the way up to 87 or 1,202 lbs. The letters (H) represent the speed rating of the tire. In this case, H means a top speed of 130 miles per hour. A typical speed chart will show J or 62mph all the way to W which is 168mph.

What does 69 W mean on a tire?

This number represents the tire’s load carrying maximum capacity at maximum pressure. The load rating is found after the tire size. Example. 160/60R-17 (69W). So this tires load rating would be 716 lbs or 324 kg.

What does 55 W mean on motorcycle tires?

This means that the tire’s measurement from inside the bead (which sits inside the wheel rim holding the tire within it) to the top of the tire is 55% of the tire’s width.

What does R mean on motorcycle tires?

This is identifying the manner in which the tire was constructed, radial, bias belted, or standard bias/cross ply. Obviously, “R” stands for radial and the “B” stands for bias-belted. If there is no letter between the aspect ratio and rim size that means the tire is just a standard bias ply tire/cross ply tire.

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What does Zr mean on motorcycle tires?

Tire Speed Rating Chart

For tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 240 km/h (149 mph), a “ZR” may appear in the size designation. Tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 300 km/h (186 mph), require a “ZR” in the size designation.

What speed rating is R?


R 106
S 112
T 118
U 124

What does MT mean on motorcycle tires?

The most obvious piece of information is the big numbers and letters that usually look like this – 130/90 17, or MT90 17. These numbers are a metric designation that indicates the size of the tire and the rim that tyre is designed to go on.

What does MT stand for on motorcycle tires?

MT90S-16. M = motorcycle tire. T = width. 90 = aspect ratio (cross-section height is 90% of width)

What is load range B on a motorcycle tire?

For motorcycles, this means that for tires with load range A, the breaking energy must be not less than 16 Joules or 150 in./lb., load range B, 33 Joules or 300 in./lb. and load range C, 45 Joules or 400 in./lb.

What is V speed rating on tires?


Once the highest speed rating a tire could have, “V” used to represent a maximum of 149 mph (240 kph) or more. Nowadays, it means 149 mph but no higher.

What is better bias or radial motorcycle tires?

Ultimately, bias tires are suitable for vehicles traveling at moderate speeds, with small to medium-sized engines and flexible chassis. They are also suited to heavy or heavily loaded motorcycles. Radial tires are needed for more powerful vehicles with very rigid chassis and for more sporty purposes.

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