Your question: How can you tell how old a motorcycle helmet is?

Manufacturers recommend replacement, no matter how it looks, every 7 years from the production date and after 5 years of use. To check when your helmet was manufactured, look inside to find a date stamp. A label will have the date printed in the format – YY/MM/DD format.

How do you tell what year a helmet is?

In the middle of the clock face symbol, on either side of the arrow, you’ll see a 2-digit number ranging from 00 to 99. These represent the last 2 digits of the year of manufacture. For example, 18 represents 2018, meaning the helmet was manufactured in that year.

Do motorcycle helmets have a use by date?

In conclusion.

Helmets do deteriorate over time due to many different factors. Cheaper helmets will deteriorate faster in general over time. Manufacturers warranty is in general a maximum of 5 years, after that the helmet isn’t covered if it falls apart. If your helmet is compromised in anyway, it should be replaced.

How long is an unused motorcycle helmet good for?

Helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet 3 to 5 years from the ‘date of manufacture’. Helmet replacement is also endorsed by the Snell Memorial Foundation which recommends that “motorcycle helmets be replaced after five (5) years of first use, or less if the manufacturer so recommends.”

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Do helmets have an expiry date?

In general, yes: Helmets have an expiration date. That’s because exposure to sunlight, heat, and other elements degrades the foam and other parts of the helmet. Plus, helmets tend to get knocked around with use.

When should safety helmet be replaced?

As a general guide, industrial safety helmets should be replaced three years after manufacture, but always check with the manufacturer.

What do you do with old motorcycle helmets?

What Would Be The Best Way To Dispose of a Motorcycle Helmet?

  1. Donate to organizations that collect bike helmets.
  2. Donate your helmet to emergency services.
  3. Donate it to School.
  4. Recycle it.
  5. Reuse it.
  6. Give it to a motorist who doesn’t wear helmets.

When should motorcycle helmets be replaced?

The general rule is to replace your motorcycle helmet every five years, but what if you drop it, sweat heavily or wear it every day? The biggest myth is that if your helmet falls off your bike when it’s parked, you should change your helmet.

What does the date inside a bike helmet mean?

Most helmets have a production date listed inside on a sticker, making it easy to identify exactly how old your helmet is. If the sticker is worn off or can’t be found, then it is probably safe to assume it is time to replace it.