Where do you mount a GoPro on a motorcycle?

Where is the best place to mount your GoPro?

Mounting directly to the top of your Helmet can give you a solid view of trail and is often the most stable location to mount. If you have a full-face helmet, you can also mount the GoPro just under your chin. This provides the great angle of a chest mount, with the added stability of a helmet mount.

How do you use a GoPro on a bike?

Check out our GoPro motorcycle guide.

  1. Make use of a few different mounts.
  2. Mount your GoPro upside down when using a chest mount.
  3. Go biking with a friend, rather than alone.
  4. Keep your GoPro filming.
  5. Use stabilizing accessories.
  6. Try capturing some aerial shots.
  7. Always have duct tape (and zip ties) handy.
  8. Use a GoPro Smart Remote.

Can I wear a GoPro on my motorcycle helmet?

The federal standard has no verbiage that we could find specifically addressing cameras on helmets. It does, however, contain the following mandate: … “You can’t alter the structure of the helmet,” Prouty told us. Now, using a strap to wrap a GoPro or other such device to the helmet seems to be allowed, he said.

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