What is the left side of a motorcycle?

The front, back (rear), left and right side are determined by your position when operating the vehicle in a forward manner. So to be clear, the left side is at your left and the right side is at your right.

Why are motorcycle stands on the left side?

Because the exhaust pipe is on the right to keep the mostly right handed people from burning their leg while mounting the bike. As the exhaust is on the right there is no room for sidestand, so the side stand is on the left.

What does the left hand do on a motorcycle?

Left Side Hand Controls

Most bikes come with manual transmissions, which means that they have to have a clutch. Unlike cars again, the clutch lever is located on the left side of the handle bar. You pull in the lever to disengage the clutch and to shift.

Why are side stands on the left?

The Highway says do not park facing against the traffic flow (rule 239) – with that in mind it makes sense that the side stand be on the left, so that when parked on a road the bike will lean into the pavement side rather than into the traffic flow.

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Which side of a motorcycle is the kickstand?

A kickstand is usually a piece of metal that flips down from the frame and makes contact with the ground. It is generally located in the middle of the bike or towards the rear.

What side of the bike does a kickstand?

Kickstands are always on the left, likely because gears occupy the righthand side.

What does it mean when a biker taps his helmet?

A motorcyclist tapping the top of his/her helmet is a signal to slow down, much like cars flashing their lights. However, by tapping their helmet the lead rider of a group can signal to those behind them at the same time.

Why do motorcycle riders point to the ground?

Originally Answered: Why do motorcyclists point to the ground? When riding with other motorcycles, riders will often point out any hazard in the roadway i.e. pothole, debris, sand, etc. to alert the following riders. If the hazard is on the left side, he will point with his left hand down towards the ground.

What does it mean when a motorcyclist taps his head?

High Beams On—When a rider taps their head, it is usually to indicate that high beams are on. In some groups, it can be used to mean that there are cops ahead. Debris on Road—If a rider shakes his leg, it is usually meant to tell the riders behind him that there is debris coming up ahead on that side of the road.

What is the outer part of a motorcycle called?

The chassis of a motorcycle includes the frame and suspension, along with the front forks, of the vehicle.

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What is the dash of a motorcycle called?

The dashboard

It sounds as something in a car, but motorcycles too have a dashboard.

What is the back of a motorcycle called?

Pillion: A passenger riding on the back seat of a motorcycle. A motorcycle’s rear passenger seat is called the pillion seat.