What does the H mean on motorcycle tires?

The H speed index means the tire is rated at a maximum of 130 mph. Load and speed index maximums are very important for you to consider when purchasing tires. The higher the load number, the more weight the tire can handle.

What does 71 h mean on a motorcycle tire?

Alpha Tire Codes

It seems to fit with a standard alpha system, except for the last two figures: 71 H . Here, 71 indicates the load index (see Load Index Chart ). The “H” is a speed rating.

What does 74 h mean on a motorcycle tire?

The letters (H) represent the speed rating of the tire. In this case, H means a top speed of 130 miles per hour. A typical speed chart will show J or 62mph all the way to W which is 168mph. Now… sometimes we will see a ZR in the tire size and then a different Load Rating / Speed Index label to follow.

What do the letters on a motorcycle tire mean?

The first number is the tire’s width in millimeters; the second represents the tire’s aspect ratio, which describes the tire’s sidewall height as a percentage of its width. … MC means it’s a motorcycle tire, while 62 is the load rating index, or the maximum amount of weight the tire can carry at maximum inflation.

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What does the H mean on my tire?

Higher speed ratings, like H or ZR, can handle far beyond a normal highway speed. For example, “H” would translate to a tire that can only handle speeds up to 130 mph (or 210 km/h).

What speed rating is R?


R 106
S 112
T 118
U 124

What size is MT90B16?

The MT90B16 is a 130/90B16. I believe that the tire is the same dia, but has a slightly higher load. The 130/90B16 (MT90B16) was the size 04 and back. A 140/80 or a 150’80 will fit on the rear of 04 up.

How do you read motorcycle tire date codes?

Look on the outer sidewall for the acronym “DOT,” which should be followed by a series of numbers. The last four digits are what you need to determine when the tire was manufactured. The first two numbers represent the week, and the second pair indicates the year.

What does B mean on motorcycle tires?

This is identifying the manner in which the tire was constructed, radial, bias belted, or standard bias/cross ply. Obviously, “R” stands for radial and the “B” stands for bias-belted. If there is no letter between the aspect ratio and rim size that means the tire is just a standard bias ply tire/cross ply tire.

What does Zr mean on motorcycle tires?

Tire Speed Rating Chart

For tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 240 km/h (149 mph), a “ZR” may appear in the size designation. Tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 300 km/h (186 mph), require a “ZR” in the size designation.

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What does V mean on motorcycle?

The speed symbol V (currently V = greater than 210 km/h) was redefined as V = 240 km/h. … Hereby, the factory identifier is set in brackets in order to emphasise that the permissible maximum speed is more than V (240 km/h) or W (270 km/h). For example: (69 V), (69 W).

Are H-rated tires good?

Tires with higher speed ratings generally have better steering response and cornering grip than lower-speed rated tires, in addition to being capable of higher speeds. So if your car originally came with H-rated tires, that’s what you should replace them with.

Which speed rating is better H or T?

A speed rating of T indicates that the tire can be safely driven up to 118 mph. A tire with an H rating has a higher limit — 130 mph — which means it can be safely driven faster than the tire with the 94T code. … Tires with an H speed rating are often mounted on sport or sport sedan cars.

What does 100 h mean on a tire?

An “H” speed rating signifies that this tire can be run safely at speeds of up to 130 mph for extended periods. … *The “Z” rating used to be the highest rating for tires having a maximum speed capability greater than 149 mph.