Quick Answer: Where is the motorcycle gas tank on the last day on Earth?

The Chopper Gas Tank: Can be found in Bunker Alfa’s Lobby in the Yellow (Survival Kit) or Red (Combat Gear) coupon crates, as a rare item. Can be found in the Crooked Creek Farm in the barn in the Chopper inside (still a rare chance).

How do you put gas on a motorcycle last day on Earth?

To add Fuel, place either Gasoline or Bottle with Gasoline in the appropriate slot, and select the “Pour On” option. To remove Fuel, place Empty Bottle(s) in the slot, and select the “Pour Off” option (an empty “Baggage” slot must be available). 1 Gasoline adds 25 Fuel to the Chopper, 8 Gasoline = 200 Fuel.

How do you fill up gas on the last day on Earth?


  1. It can be found in a Chopper of the far left NPC Survivor Base.
  2. Basements.
  3. Junkyard.
  4. You can pour off gasoline from vehicles into empty bottles.
  5. Once the Pump Jack becomes accessible, it’s expected that players will be able to refill bottles there.
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Where can I get gas in the last day on Earth?

Obtaining. Can be found in all coupon boxes in Bunker Alfa (there are always from 1 to 3 pieces in each). Bunker Bravo cargo loot boxes. Crooked Creek Farm, in the Chopper inside the Barn (if the doors open, then it’s a medium chance for it to be there).

How do you get biker magazine in Last Day on Earth 2021?


  1. After update to Beta v. 1.14, some players receive some of them in the Inbox.
  2. During the Season 2, killing the Specimen Screamer will drop this item.
  3. As of Season 3, it can be found in the Junkyard event.

How long does it take to build chopper last day on Earth?

But the gas tank is no longer the hardest slot to fill in the motorcycle. The most difficult slot is the 20 engine parts needed. And this is where I have very good news for you guys. Before this last update it would take you two and a half months of high-level play to get those 20 engine parts.

What do you need for the farm in last day on Earth?

Before you may enter the Farm for the first time, you have to build the Crossing. This is required only once.


  1. 40 Iron Bar.
  2. 100 Common Plank.
  3. 60 Stone Brick.
  4. 60 Rope.
  5. 100 Scrap Metal.
  6. 1 Hammer.

How do you unlock the junkyard in the last day on Earth?

Junkyard is an event location on the Global Map. It shows up 48-72 hours after the last one but it is accessible only for players who have already built their chopper and upgraded it to level 40.

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How long does charcoal burn last day on Earth?

Single Player

Fuel Melting Furnace Processed Log Equivalence*
Charcoal 5 min 20 s 4
Oak Log 1 min 20 s 1
Oak Plank 3 min 2.25
Ash Log 1 min 20 s 1

How do you get ATV wheels last day on Earth?

Obtaining. ATV Wheel can be found in the crate at Limestone Cliffs. ATV Wheel can also be found in the crate in an AI Player Base.