Quick Answer: When should you take particular care to look for motorcyclists and cyclists?

Where should you take particular care to look out for motorcycles and cyclists?

Always look out for them before you emerge from a junction; they could be approaching faster than you think. When turning right across a line of slow-moving or stationary traffic, look out for cyclists or motorcyclists on the inside of the traffic you are crossing.

Why should you take particular care to look for motorcyclists and cyclists?

Explanation: Motorcyclists and cyclists may be more difficult to see, especially at junctions. They can be easily hidden by obstructions such as other vehicles, and the small size of an approaching motorcycle may make it difficult to judge its speed and distance.

When in particular should you look out for motorcyclists?

Explanation: Always look out for motorcyclists, and cyclists, particularly at junctions. They are smaller and usually more difficult to see than other vehicles.

Why should you check for motorcyclists just before turning right into a side road?

Why should you check for motorcyclists just before turning? Explanation: Never attempt to change direction to the right without first checking your right-hand mirror and blind spot. A motorcyclist might not have seen your signal and could be hidden by other traffic. This observation should become a matter of routine.

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Where should you take particular care for motorcyclists?

Explanation: Other motorcyclists and cyclists may be difficult to see on the road, particularly at junctions. If your view is blocked by other traffic, you may not be able to see them approaching.

What should you do before starting a motorcycle engine?

Before starting the engine, make sure the motorcycle is in neutral. Do this by checking that the neutral warning light is lit when you switch on the ignition. If no neutral light is fitted, push the motorcycle forward to check that the rear wheel turns freely.

What should you do when you leave your motorcycle parked?

Explanation: You should always use the steering lock when leaving your motorcycle. Also consider using additional locking devices, such as a U-lock, disc lock or chain. If possible, fasten the motorcycle to an immovable post or another machine.

Who may use toucan crossings?

Toucan. Crossings are designed for both pedestrians and cyclists and are typically used adjacent to a cycle-path (Cyclists are not allowed to cross the road using Zebra, Pelican or Puffin crossings). They have the same signals as Pelicans, but include a green cycle symbol alongside the green man.

What requires extra care when driving in windy conditions?

Explanation: Always give cyclists plenty of room when overtaking them. You need to give them even more room when it’s windy. A sudden gust could easily blow them off course and into your path.