Quick Answer: How much is a motorcycle license plate in Michigan?

How much are motorcycle plates in Michigan?

Michigan Motorcycle Registration Fees and Taxes

Registration transfer fee: $8. Late registration fee: $10. Use tax fee: $6% of the purchase price.

How much is a license plate in the state of Michigan?

Fees for License Plates, Registrations and Titles

License Plate Fees Fee
Personalized license plate $30 for 12 months or prorated plus standard registration fee $30 plus standard registration fee
Personalized license plate renewal fee $15 plus standard registration fee

How many characters can you have on a Michigan motorcycle license plate?

In the regular Standard and Spectacular Peninsula plate series there can be a maximum of 7 characters for passenger plates and 5 characters for motorcycle plates. A person with a handicap is given a red handicap sticker that is put on the lower left hand corner of the plate.

Is motorcycle insurance expensive in Michigan?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Michigan is $456 per year, or about $38 per month, for a full coverage policy. The cost of a full coverage motorcycle insurance policy in Michigan is $92 or 20% more than the national average of $364.

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Do you need a motorcycle license to register a motorcycle in Michigan?

All motorcycles in the state of Michigan must be titled and properly registered. To legally drive a motorcycle in Michigan, drivers must have a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. Before getting the endorsement, you’ll need to get a temporary instruction permit for a motorcycle.

How long does it take to get a Michigan license plate?

Allow at least 14 days when renewing a license plate online or by mail. A branch office can process your renewal immediately (proof of Michigan no-fault insurance will be required), but at least two weeks is needed when renewing by these alternate systems.

Can I register my vehicle online in Michigan?

Most transactions can be completed from home by mail or using online services. Vehicle registration stickers and temporary licenses and IDs can be printed immediately at any of our self-service stations.

What do I need to get a license plate in Michigan?

What You’ll Need to Register your Vehicle in Michigan

  1. Completed Application for Michigan Vehicle Title (Form TR-11L)
  2. Proof of identity (driver’s license, passport, or ID card)
  3. Proof of vehicle ownership. …
  4. Proof of Michigan no-fault car insurance.
  5. Payment for applicable fees & taxes.

What state has the highest license plate fees?

Oregon has the highest registration fees in the U.S.: between $268.50 and $636.50 for new vehicles and $122 and $306 to renew for two years.

How much is a title transfer in Michigan?

Tax and Title

Within 15 days of buying a vehicle, you must title it in your name at a Secretary of State office. Failure to transfer the title within that time will result in a $15 late fee. At the time of titling, a $15 title transfer fee will be collected. If a lien is added, the fee is $16.

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What does G mean on Michigan license plate?

G = INTERAGENCY MOTOR POOL SYSTEM. The following are the number codes used on the general Government issue USG plate.

What does Y mean on Michigan license plate?

Vehicles; license plates; nonprofit recycling centers and certain nonprofit conservation organizations; include as eligible for “Y” plates for a certain period of time and permit secretary of state to issue commemorative plates for special or historical events for a certain period of time.

What does the G in the middle of a Michigan license plate mean?

Most plates are G-series plates assigned by the General Services Administration, which include a numeric code following the “G” prefix, to signal the vehicle type. For example, “G10” is a compact sedan, “G31” is an ambulance, “G71” is a medium truck, cab and chassis and “G90” is special equipment.