Question: How do you read motorcycle tire wear?

The first thing you should check is the tire wear indicator (TWI), which is a triangle imprinted on the side of the tire. It points to a line of rubber that is built into the tire that runs across the tread. If you notice this line is level with the top of the tread grooves, you will need to replace the tire.

How do you read a motorcycle tire wear indicator?

To check your motorcycle tyre’s tread depth, inspect the built-in wear indicator bars (if there’s any) in your tyre tread. If the bars are no longer visible, replace your tyres. For tyres marked only with a Tread Wear Indicator on the sidewall, simply check if the tread is on the same level as the TWI.

How do you read a tire wear?

How to Read Tire Wear Patterns & Improve Your Safety

  1. Inner or Outer Shoulder Wear = Misalignment. …
  2. Center Wear = Over-Inflation. …
  3. Edge Shoulder Wear = Under-Inflation. …
  4. Cupping = Suspension Troubles.

What is the right air pressure for motorcycle tires?

Legally the tire has to be changed accordingly to the national law. METZELER recommends changing tires once the tread depth is below 2mm. The below tire pressures are a range which depends on riding style, bike set up, and track conditions. For example 30/35 means pressure range is 30 to 35 psi.

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Where are the wear bars on motorcycle tires?

Tread wear indicator bars

These are small raised bars across the bottom of the rain grooves that show when the tire is at the end of its service life. Typically, these are about 1/32 to 2/32 of an inch tall. When the tread is even with the wear bars, you need to replace the tires before riding any further on them.

What should the tread depth be on motorcycle tires?

Federal and state regulations dictate that you must have 1/32″ to 2/32″ of tread depth. The middle of the tire sees the most contact with the road and usually wears out first. We can measure your tread depth for you or you can check your wear indicators.

How much tread is on a new motorcycle tire?

UK law demands a minimum tread depth of 1mm across ¾ of the tread pattern with visible tread on the remaining ¼ for bikes over 50cc. Under 50cc requires all the grooves of the original tread pattern be clearly visible – if any grooves have worn smooth, your tyre needs changing.

Which tire wears faster on a motorcycle?

The rear motorcycle tires will usually wear out faster than the front tires. Rear motorcycle tires may wear out two to three times as fast as the front motorcycle tires do.

What does tire feathering look like?

What is Tire Feathering? … New tires are generally molded from new with sharp edges on the tread blocks and ribs – a feathered tire will have sharp edges on one side, and rounded edges on the other. Below, see an example of a tire showing simulated feathering wear pattern.

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How can you tell if a tire is asymmetric?

Asymmetrical tires have one side of the tire that is designed entirely different from the other side of the tire. Asymmetrical tires will always have a marking to identify which side of the tire should be mounted facing out. The sidewall will usually say “mount this side out.”

Why is the outside of my tire wearing?

Front tires wearing on the outside edge is usually a result of aging coil springs. As they lose height, so does the vehicle, causing the whole suspension to misalign, especially in camber. If the leaf springs are also sagging or wearing out, they cause caster misalignment, which may worsen the situation.