Question: How do you get the motorcycle in breath of the wild?

It’s a particularly difficult endeavor, located at the Shrine of Resurrection. When you reach the end of it, you’ll have to fight Monk Maz Koshia. When you’ve defeated him, you’ll finally receive the Master Cycle Zero, your very own motorcycle.

How do you get a master cycle?

To unlock the Master Cycle Zero, players will need to finish the entire Champions’ Ballad DLC in Breath of the Wild. This involves completing the trials at the Great Plateau, then going to each of the regions near the four main races and completing various quests as well as boss fights.

How do you make the master cycle zero?

How to unlock the Master Cycle Zero. Just like anything worth getting in BOTW, you need to earn this motorized immersion breaker of a vehicle by completing the entire DLC’s Champion Ballad questline, which essentially means beating all the main content in the game.

How do you get the Champions ballad DLC?

The Champions’ Ballad DLC pack is available by purchasing the Expansion Pass. Visit the Expansion Pass page for details and purchase options. *To play this content, players must first reach a point in the game where they have freed all Divine Beasts.

How do you get ancient horse armor?

Just south of Hyrule Ridge is Satori Mountain, and although you need to go to the mountain at night to find the Lord of the Mountain, you can find the treasure chest containing the Ancient Bridle right under the cherry tree at any time during the day or night.

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How do you summon a BoTW horse?

How to Use the Ancient Saddle to Summon your Horse Anywhere. After you put the Ancient Saddle on a horse (see above for instructions), take that horse out of the stable. Then you can press the down button of the directional pad to whistle. If there is enough room in front of you, your horse will materialize there.

What is the 5th divine beast?

Conclusion: The Moon is a fifth Divine Beast.

In addition to the army of Guardians and the four planet-borne Divine Beasts, the ancient Sheikah people built a third layer of protection against the eventual rise of Ganon and shot it into space.