Frequent question: Can I tax my motorbike without a logbook?

No. You cannot tax your vehicle if you do not have a V5C logbook. You can only tax the vehicle if you are the owner, as a V5C only proves you are the registered keeper of said vehicle.

Can I tax my motorbike without a v5?

If you do not have a V5C or new keeper slip

If you’re the new keeper, you cannot tax your vehicle without a new keeper slip. You’ll need to apply for a new V5C by post. You can also get the form from the Post Office.

Can you tax a vehicle without a log book?

Can I tax a car without a log book? No, you can’t tax a car without a log book as you need the 11-digit reference number. If you’re a new keeper of the car and you don’t have a V5C in your name yet, then you can use your green new keeper slip and tax the car using the 12-digit reference number.

What documents do I need to tax my motorbike?

You will need the motorbikes registration document aka the logbook (V5C) and also proof of insurance. For motorcycles over three years old a valid MOT certificate will also be needed.

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Can V5C access online?

You can now get a duplicate log book (V5C) online. Using the new online service is much quicker and easier than sending a paper application. The new online service launched this week by DVLA can slash the time it takes to receive a duplicate log book (V5C) from 6 weeks to just 5 days.

Can I tax a vehicle with a V62 form?

You can tax your new car online or at the Post Office using the 12-digit reference number from the V5C/2 New Keeper Supplement. … At the same time, you can apply for a new Registration Certificate using a (V62) application form A (V62) is available at any Post Office that deals with vehicle tax.

What happens if I drive without road tax?

It is has become extremely difficult to avoid paying tax due to monthly database checks carried out on all vehicles. You will be fined if you are found to be driving without road tax, and, if you do not pay, a County Court judgment can be issued or authorities may clamp, tow or even crush your vehicle.

How do I get a logbook without a green slip?

If you did not get a log book for your new vehicle

  1. Download and fill in an application for a log book (form V62).
  2. Send it to DVLA with the green ‘new keeper’ slip you were given when you bought the vehicle. You do not have to pay a fee.

Can you tax a car without a V5?

Without a V5 logbook, you may be able to tax your vehicle, but you’ll need to have another identifying piece of information with you. You can only tax the vehicle if you are the owner and keeper, and as a V5 or V5C proves this to be true, you can’t do much tax-wise without it or another piece of equivalent paperwork.

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How do I find my v5 number without logbook?

How do I find my V5C number without a logbook? Unless you happened to have written it down, the only way to get this number is on the logbook. Therefore you’ll need to apply for a new one with a V62 form, which will cost £25 and take at least six weeks.

How do I change ownership without a v5?

If you do not have the V5C for your car, you’ll need to inform the DVLA of the sale in writing.

You can find exact details of how to do that here, but you’ll need these details:

  1. Your name and address.
  2. The vehicle registration number.
  3. The make and model.
  4. The exact date of sale.
  5. The name and address of the new keeper.

What is V62?

A V62 form is an official DVLA document that is used to make an application for a replacement V5C registration document if you have not been given one when purchasing a new vehicle, or if a V5C has not arrived from DVLA within 6 weeks of registering the vehicle.

Do motorbikes need MOT?

Just like with a car, most motorbike types over three years old need to have a valid MOT certificate. This means you’ll need to get it tested every year to ensure that the bike is roadworthy and fit to ride.

Can you tax a motorbike without MOT?

In order to tax your motorcycle or car, you must have a valid MoT. … When you no longer need to self-isolate, you must NOT drive your vehicle until it has passed an MoT, which you’ll need to book. Once it has passed, you’ll need to tax it.

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Is my motorbike tax and MOT exempt?

In May 2019, the MOT test for vehicles that were over 40 years of age was abolished. This means that vehicles, including motorcycles, are MOT and VED-exempt when they reach 40 years of age.